Targeting Properties to Own, Operate, Manage, and Develop

With an excellent reputation for providing superior hospitality and property management, CHR customizes operational solutions based upon the unique needs, goals and objectives of each property.

Management of All Revenue Streams, Including Condo Rental Management

CHR provides expertise in management of all hotel and resort revenue streams, including food and beverage, golf management, spa services, retail space, marina and outdoor activities.

CHR is an established operator of resorts with condo rental management, excelling in streamlining Unit Rental Management Agreements and increasing profitability. With the well documented success of its URMA programs and condo management abilities for over 20 years, historically maintaining unit participation rations of over 85%. 

Cutting Edge Revenue Management and Sales Strategies

CHR focuses Revenue Management principles on Total Hotel Profit. By considering all revenue streams, partnering with proactive sales & marketing and embracing cutting edge technology; we are at the greatest advantage to impact profitability and market share.

Recent Case Studies